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Self employed

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Self employed

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VALMI is a community

of self-employed happy craftsmen
VALMI fællesskabet

VALMI Community

Craftsmen who are part of the VALMI community have more freedom and control over their working hours. They keep most of the earnings themselves, can work a lot or a little and when it suits them. It contributes to job satisfaction, better economy and maximum freedom.

VALMI selvstændige sammen

Self-employed together

Even if you are the boss of your own company, you are not alone. The craftsmen in VALMI have close ties that ensure good cooperation on larger cases and where an extra hand is needed. The colleague or VALMI is never further away than the phone and EVERYONE helps each other - it provides the best solutions for the craftsmen and customers

VALMI glade håndværkere


In VALMI, the craftsmen decide on their own work, leisure and family life. Work when it suits you & the customers, take time off and participate in the family's "highlights" and then catch that fish on the right day. It gives happier craftsmen who provide a good service, and craftsmanship in a class of its own.


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